1. BulletIcon colour
    Icon colour will change depending of your device’s status. Is your VoIP device correctly registered ? is the current call using VoIP or standard legacy phone line ?

  2. Device settings
    VoIP Tracker Lite will quickly tell you the network settings, the last registration time, the device runtime …

  3. Current call status
    Caller/Called number, codec in use, PSTN/VoIP call … all in one screen.

  4. Quick reboot
    Need to quickly reboot your device ? The Sipura/Linksys way is to remember a specific url or have it saved somewhere. The VoIP Tracker Lite way : you press a button … that’s it !!

Requirements :

Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5

A Sipura/Linksys VoIP Device

VoIP Tracker Lite is donationware. If you find VoIP Tracker Lite useful or use it to run a business, please consider a donation.

VoIP Tracker Lite helps you keep track of your Sipura/Linksys device status directly from your Mac desktop.