VoIP Tracker

Let your VoIP device interact with your Mac

Download (1.5 MB)
Requirements : Mac OS X 10.5, Sipura/Linksys VoIP Device


Easily monitor your device status by checking the VoIP Tracker icon : green is good, red is bad.
You can quickly tell what’s happening even if you don’t know much about VoIP Technology.

Setup is as easy with just one small page.

Caller ID Display

When receiving a call, VoIP Tracker will quickly search your Address Book and display the name of the caller if known.

With your Address Book as the single source of information, you will not have to guess who’s calling or try to sync your existing data with your handset

Voice Notification

Let your Mac tell you who’s calling !
Using the built-in Apple’s speech engine, VoIP Tracker will say the name of the caller or the phone number if the caller can’t be found in your Address Book.
Hear a sample :

Mac interaction

As soon as you pick up the phone and start your conversation, VoIP Tracker will change your iChat status so that your buddies know that you’re busy and pause the song currently playing in iTunes, the movie in Quicktime or the DVD in DVD Player.
When you hang up, iChat goes back to normal and resume playing ... A little bit of iPhone behaviour in your VoIP device !

Device Settings

Tools & Password

VoIP Tracker give you a quick overview of your device settings and statistics (last registration time, current network settings, uptime ...)

Access the web interface of your device with a touch of a button. No complicated URL to remember !

VoIP Tracker can also monitor devices that are password protected (passwords are stored securely in your Mac’s Keychain)

Notifications via Growl

New “blue” status to show monitoring is active

Notifications via Growl

Running from the Menu Bar

List of compatible devices : PAP2T, PAP2, PAP2-NA, PAP2-EU, SPA-1001, SPA-2100, SPA-2102, SPA-3000, SPA-3102, RTP300, SPA Phones 900/500 series and WIP310

Tweaks and fixes in version 1.6